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Hi everyone, Today's blog is on the subject of thankfulness. Have you ever noticed that when people are truly thankful for what you do, you really want to do more for them? Being thankful is a key that helps open up doors for people. Many people don't understand this principle and tend to be rude, selfish and ungrateful. They also don't understand why people don't want to help them or give them their best. Thankfulness is an amazing attitude that is easily spread from one person to another one. I remember a story in the Bible that related the story of 10 lepers who were healed by Jesus (Luke 17:12-19) but only one of them came back to say thank you. In this story, Jesus told the one grateful man that his faith healed him. Thankfulness was one of the keys that helped to heal that man. I encourage you to be thankful in everything that you do and watch and see the results! Thanks for checking out my blog, have a great day and God bless! Ronald Rembert Jr.

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