1. Elevate

From the recording Elevate


ELEVATE- Ronald Rembert Jr. © 2003 Anointed Sax LLC-ASCAP
Intro: It's time to elevate
Everybody elevate
It's time to elevate
C'mon now

First Verse:
It's time to rise,
Pick your head up & look to the sky (Elevate)
Open your eyes
And see your future on the horizon.
It's time to soar,
You know you keep wanting more (Elevate)
Open that door
And step into your destiny.

Don't you leave this life with any regrets.
Don't you try to achieve without giving your best.
God has given you life!

Elevate (8X)

Verse 2:
It's time to grow
It's time for letting go (Elevate)
Of everything
that seeks to get you down
It's time to see
all that you can truly be
Time to be king
and to wear your crown