This is the latest CD by Ronald Rembert Jr. that includes the hit songs "Breakthrough", "Higher", "Beautiful" and "Love Is An Action". Just click on the picture below to buy the CD for $10.00! Available at digital and local stores including Best Buy, iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.com
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ONE-the album (Paypal)

Looking for an inspirational mix of Gospel, smooth jazz and R&B? This is it! This link allows you to purchase the ONE CD via Paypal online. You can also purchase the MP3 downloads via iTunes, Rhapsody and other digital stores. Enjoy! JUST CLICK ON THE PICTURE OF THE ONE CD to PURCHASE THE ONE CD FOR $10.00!
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Higher CD mp3 download on Amazon.com

Higher CD on Amazon.com

Do It!

Do It! the single by Ronald Rembert Jr. now available in iTunes and Google Play music stores.


Do It! on iTunes
Do It! on Google Play

Anointed 1s shoes

Anointed 1s | A Custom Shoe concept by Ronald Rembert Jr.



Style meets comfort with a dose of swag








Cutting-Edge Design
A street style low sneaker, with a sporty soul. Minimal but enriched on the side and the logo in the foreground. The shoe is made of genuine Italian leather, natural cotton laces and classic padding on the back.
Minimal low top