1. Ron's Groove

From the recording Ron's Groove


Ron's Groove-Ronald Rembert Jr, © 2004, Anointed Sax Publishing LLC-ASCAP

I love you Lord and I praise
Your Holy Name all my days (repeat)

Background: Lord I love you (repeat)

Lifting up holy hands (Lifting up holy hands),
understanding the battleplan is right here in these very hands.
Lifting up the name of Jesus Christ I proclaim
Lifting Jesus name, I said naw ain't no shame in my game.
I gotta thank my Lord and Savior,
The one who made a difference in my life, I thank Lord Jesus Christ.
Yes I lift up the one with the flavor, who gave me favor, got more flavors than a lifesaver (the true life saver)
I thank you father, lift up holy hands, Hallelujah
But too many brothers yellin' why bother?
But I understand, yes I got the battleplan in these very hands
Going on and taking a holy stand.
Raisin' up the standard in these last days
Too many brothers fallin' down and Lord I pray…
That I won't be fallin' by the wayside,
They getting' played kinda funky like they was an A-side.