1. Crossroads

From the recording Crossroads


Crossroads-Ronald Rembert © 2003, Anointed Sax Publishing LLC, ASCAP

I see two paths diverging from the path on which I stand and from those four.

Paths never merging, within each is its own hand of experiences and more.

Look to the left, to the right, look up and look down.

View changes from day to night, are my feet planted on the ground?

I step forward on the path to my left, the path behind me crumbles to dust.

I stand in place holding my breath, I go forward, go on I must.

Stepping on, I begin to run faster than I've ever run before.

Running toward the rising sun, racing toward a closing door.

I see two paths merging into a path that I seek

a road that will no longer bend.

Paths no longer diverging, descending down the slope of life's peak,

My journey is at its end,
my journey is at its end.