1. Scar

From the recording Scar


SCAR-Ronald Rembert Jr.
© 2003, Anointed Sax Publishing LLC-ASCAP
Verse 1
The pain remains...
You see the hurt on my face.
Feel the sorrow
no tomorrow
I need to heal from all this pain
of course.
Although I have come this far.
The pain remains,
you can see the scar
I was wounded,
blinded by hurt
was jilted,
had lost my self-worth
was angry,
saw my tears fall like stars
you touched me
Lord you healed the scar.
Verse 2
Finally, I can truly see the light.
Throughout all of the trials
I see the end in sight.
Sun rising, night falling
I can finally see the stars
Hope rising on the horizon
Lord you healed the scar
Chorus 2x...