Hi everyone, How are you? I haven't had much time to blog lately...been busy with a new CD, more responsibility at work and taking care of my family, but I would like to encourage you today with one word: higher. I have been thinking about this word a lot lately...it is the title to the new CD and this word exemplifies what I am doing in life. My goal in life is to go higher: to continue to grow in every aspect of my life, my releationships, my career, my finances and to keep moving forward in every way. I want to go higher in my relationship with God but also in my relationships with man. I want to see above and beyond what others see to have a new and wonderful perspective on life and to see possiblilities that others cannot yet imagine. I encourage you today to go higher in your life, in your relationships, in your dreams and aspirations and to help others to do the same! Take care and God bless! Ronald Rembert Jr.

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