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Anointed Sax Publishing: Photos

New single Circles coming soon!
Hometown Hero for WYCA 102.3 FM Chicago on 2/20/17
Choose Life
Ronald Rembert Jr. M.D.
Get Down!
The Rembert Family
Higher CD: September 2009
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Ronald Rembert Jr.
Ronald Rembert Jr.
Dr. Denice Cook signing copies of her latest book Choose Life
Dr. Denice Cook
Ronald Rembert Jr. 5/24/08
Playing at River East Arts Center for Garry and Tamieka Colquitt's wedding 12/22/07
Me at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania with one of the orphans from Samaritan Village, May 2003
Rounds at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania, May 2003
Gaynell (my wife) teaching hand-strengthing exercises to a patient after surgery at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Arusha Tanzania-2003